Kirill Platonov
Kirill Platonov
All Posts Nov 12, 2017

Moving AWS EC2 instance to another region

If you want to move EC2 instance between regions - built-in AWS tools can help you to do it quite simple. Basically what you need is create image, move it to new region and launch it. In this example we will move instance from US (N. Virginia) to EU (Frankfurt). Below I describe required steps to do it.

Steps to move EC2 instance

1) Create fresh image of your instance

2) Give it a name and adjust disk settings to match original instance

3) Then go to Images -> AMIs in a left sidebar

4) And click “Copy AMI”

5) And choose new region

6) Then go to AMI’s in that region and launch new instance

Make sure your new instance has the same configuration as previous. Also double check VPC setting, security groups. After launching new instance it will have new IP address. So don’t forget to update domain records referencing to that instance.

That’s it. You have the same instance running in new region.

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