Kirill Platonov
Kirill Platonov

Hey 👋

I am Kirill Platonov, a software consultant, and indie hacker. I specialize in building and scaling SaaS products and Shopify Apps with Ruby on Rails. I am currently freelancing and building my portfolio of 5 Shopify Apps. If you would like to work with me, send me an email.

My Shopify Apps

  • Bulk Price Editor: Simple and reliable price editor for Shopify.
  • Product Color Swatch: Link products of different colors using swatches. The only metafields-based color swatch in Shopify App Store.

Newest Posts

Client Work

  • Returns For Sale: Essential Shopify App for returns liquidation via drip discount. I helped with migration to Turbolinks & JWT, resolved bugs, speed issues, and implemented new features.
  • Cook Smarts: Lifesaving meal planning service. I revived their old Ruby on Rails app. Made a full redesign and implemented a huge list of long waited features. A lot of work and a lot of happy users!
  • Faculty of Skills: Online soft skills training platform. I participated in platform development and built the new hybrid mobile app with React-Native and Turbolinks.
  • Busfor: The largest bus ticket selling platform in Eastern Europe acquired by BlaBlaCar. As a team leader and later CTO I participated in Ruby on Rails monolith development and built a mobile app with React-Native.

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