I live in Moscow now and work as independent consultant specialises on Ruby on Rails. My passion is creating new services from scratch. I programming already 9 years and work with Rails 5 years.

If you need my development services please contact me using email: mail@kirillplatonov.com

My latest projects

  • BaseDrill.com - Customer segmentation tool based on RFM analysis
  • Busfor.com - International e-commerce platform for bus tickets
  • Hireman.ru - Cloud platform for digital interviews

Open source

  • Maintain https://github.com/resque/resque-web
  • Created https://github.com/kirillplatonov/proxy_manager
  • Created https://github.com/busfor/paymaster

My apps in AppStore

  • Busfor - First version of this app was developed by me and my colleague using React Native
  • Wanttowatch - Application with movies recommendations developed with Swift